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Hi. I'm Zenon.

I help high-growth businesses generate leads, acquire customers, and increase revenue.

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I help high-growth eCommerce brands and influencers unlock the power of facebook advertising to turbocharge growth and maximize profits.

Since 2014, I have:

  • Managed over $4.2MM in digital ad spend with a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 156%
  • Launched a digital product grossing over $550k in a 30-day period
  • Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) for various companies by over 53%
  • Coordinated hundreds of online split tests

Want some of this? Sure you do.

My team and I specialize in online social media advertising and sales funnels, working with high-growth companies including Influencers, thought leaders, eCommerce brands and professional service providers.

With DNA rooted in Direct Response and consumer psychology, we focus on speed and results that matter, not vanity metrics. Sales and ROI is in our blood.

Unlike traditional marketing firms that focus on stale campaigns, we build, grow, and optimize sales funnels utilizing dynamic online advertising systems, so you get consistent leads, sales and sustainable growth.

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Consulting & Strategy

We replace guesswork with strategic frameworks and guidance on how to run your online campaigns, every step of the way. This begins with analyzing your current creative assets, sales funnel, and eCommerce setup to build a well-oiled customer acquisition system that goes from aware to engaged to sold.

eCommerce Web Development

Does your website or eCommerce store need an overhaul? No problem. We got you covered. We’ll design and build the entire site for you - from prototype to final launch. Fully optimized for sales and the best experience for your target audience.

Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition

With the power of Social Media Advertising, we create sustainable online traffic systems that attract quality leads, convert them into paid customers, and nurture them into brand evangelists.

Creative Design

Building attention grabbing ads and landing pages requires the perfect combination of creativity, psychology, and best practices. We blend all three together to promote your offer in a compelling way.

Conversion Optimization

It doesn’t stop there. Continuous testing and optimization is the key to winning the game of online advertising. No more hopes and guesses. We use data driven optimization to increase conversion rates and drive massive profits at scale.


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“I can’t say enough about his professionalism and dedication to the project. He was a great team player and amazing to have on board.”
— Andrew Scholotiuk, Producer, 40 Below & Falling, www.12ptmedia.com